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day 31
yesterday it rained frogs & now the sky is blood & tomorrow will be fire but ill look at my phone & remember that autocorrect knows to capitalize Beyoncé & even add that little accent mark but type in g-o-d & it doesnt do shit & for me thats proof enough that we really are living deep in the best of all possible worlds
day 30
tall glass of water spills on a table in the sun drips onto floor
day 29
well we can't always be fully aware of the things we do we're just hungry we just want sex we want love and sometimes you get type 2 diabetes
day 28
i butt-dialed you with my heart's butt and hover-handed you with my heart's hand. now my heart is a pair of old sneakers hanging from a telephone wire in the shitty part of town. i butt-texted you with my heart's butt and this is what it said: you can be a ghost even at your own dinner table.
day 27
<| ACACIA ~ *definition*--> bttr camo 7:4::14:8::28:16 % must occur 2nd only 2 xistence uv hole i: representtn uv hole can not b +d 2 & not xd.cnt b definitively -&= tho mayb split thru sum fractals bcum < powerful &/or result (?) frm x/y fractal tho sumthing (partial) new cuz symbolic uv former cpcity 2 hole n its fra
day 26
The key to not caring is to be exact but with no precision. Steal from yourself. Repeat yourself. Lose what you never had. Forget what you never remembered.
day 25
This text right here happening as i am typing or you are reading this moment right now the w in nowwwwwwww slowing near to a halt a sludgy unclean iniquitous sooty, nasty, depraved specks of our lives existing in this particular banality together in the t of this coming moment of txt here nowwwwwwww my mind is outside
day 24
What can I What would I What will I tell you? Of cat claw skitter, or Flashing eyes of Passing stranger? Of the taste of tears, or The thrum of oneness at the bottom of it all? Or how it's good to be alive & between two points; a dot on a map, in a world of my own. Forgotten, as all will be, When the ending arrives.
day 23
On some kind of pursuit towards any reasoning as to the positioning of energies in any given eternal space. To review; you are an object of immortal essence.
day 22
you'll be told 'you are young', so; you grow up feeling young become old feeling young maybe that feeling is just the general background feeling of life. physicists have estimated that the average colour of all the matter ever is a light beige-- a sort of soy milk colour
day 21
how much of daring-wanting is soft, like finding the proper amount and time to push off, like Rick Ross eating applesauce, carefree, in soft buffet, with plates and plates stacked around him, just applesauce, not even with cinnamon, the sound of full mouth resounding off the light and foreign color of the wall
day 20
i send you the same text message every day using different words. each day i slightly change the words i use to tell you the same thing. i tell you exactly the same thing every single day in a subtly different way. once every twenty four hours i text message you a sentence with divergent language but identical meaning.
day 19
lol* Humans burn Humans Burn in the idea Of what it means To be a Human burning. My only wish Is that someday Humans Will be made of paper. So that we may, When the time comes, Burn with little effort.
day 18
i make towers of your mistakes in your apartment i love the yolk of it, the oaky rinse fuzzing beneath the floorboards clean peeps of light out the blinded window.
day 17
hey what are you up to i am home alone in bed again i slept until four pm when i got home from your apartment took vyvanse and drank coffee everything is under control i am crying a little it seems like all we have in common now is how much we hurt each other
day 16
I'M BUG BODIES chancing lactinade A fir fight a dumb loess it's true what they say about music.
day 15
Maybe everyone else is fucked and we are okay You're the first writer I've liked enough to be friends with
day 14
At some point we're going to have to meet in person. U said u weren't rp'ing. if ur up for it then lets meet. u wanna be eaten on the forum and u said in real life too. we've been chatting for over a year now. lets make it happen. i love you. i've got ur number, i can find you. x the butcher x
day 13
for a moment today i almost remembered exactly how you smell like laundry but a little sweeter wow i didn't realize how much i have forgotten
day 12
When I put on my feet this morning and jumped into my silver skin, my jowls were engorged with sleep, my mouth heavy with bent, but the hyacinth petals of my irises danced like disturbed sandpits, dunes carved out in ocher light.
day 11
avocados are proof god is real and he wants us to be happy – but happiness has this weird reptilian skin and doesn’t look like happiness at all.
day 10
semblance; you are like a pond, but i see no pond you speak (x) amount of Languages, none of which i Understand you are asleep, i am awake. the moon, in-between
day 9
day 8
letters rain down on you like droplets of etheric energy, splattering across your screen in a message from the sky: Our atmosphere has clouds of language the same way it has clouds of air and water. We're just better at predicting when and where the weather of our words lands. Today's Forecast: Hello.
day 7
I think I saw you another day (near train station? walking?) but I didnt say anything because I didnt know what to say to people and it was cold out but now I realize all I ever wanted to say to anybody is "I love you and I am so sorry we're all going to die." Thought Id tell you first. Drinks later? Chicken? Holler
day 6
thinking abt how bataille said that a kiss is the beginning of cannibalism & how i would replace w/ capitalism & how the actual beginning is much sooner & how he was probably a bad kisser. also u xx
day 5
will this last forever? or until you throw another beater cell phone at another corrugated surface? delete me; feel 160 characters float through you into ether.
day 4
i remember the pacer/pistons brawl like it was yesterday &yesterday was the most beautiful day of my life malic at the palace come back Jermaine O'Neal i never saw u hanging out at ur nightclub in Indianapolis above a buffalo wild wings come back Jeff Foster u were 1 of the white dudes i like how u wore ur hair
day 3
you are way too beautiful to be filling the sky with that much rain I can't believe you were born a month early and bigger than a full moon! may i have yr permission to make macros out of these screenshots of u on skype that i took without yr permission render me in <html> & i'll unfold into beautiful shapes </html>
day 2
thank god you have allowed me to contact you through the airwaves. this is what you must do. drop everything. look at the sky. remember that the sunset is due to light diffusion of air pollution. go to a bar. drink the darkest liquid there and set yourself on fire. remember the great and terrible things you have done.
day 1
at the diner // there is breakfast // and i brag about my resting heart rate. suddenly we find ourselves short of happiness and excitement // so we order the griddle combo // and agree it is the best compromise between savory and sweet.